DJ5400 New Lightweight Women's Supreme Low Cut
DJ5400 New Lightweight Women's Supreme Low Cut
Item# DJ5400

Product Description

DJ5400 New Lightweight Women's Supreme Low Cut
Classic Jackson styling with incredible new features for greater comfort and less maintenance that weighs 20% less than standard models!!

*Skate's weight is reduced by 20% over traditional models

*For all skaters seeking greater flexibility, including Dance & Synchro skaters

*Designed based on our successful Elite 4500 pattern with a lower boot height and a unique, flexible tongue

*Carbon fiber sole reduces weight, is water and torque resistant;rubber layer provides non-slip blade mount and shock absorption.

*Asymmetric flex points for inside and outside ankle areas, provides better flexibility and support

*Extra wrap in ankle area, angled hooks and set back lace holes help secure feet for better stability and control while virtually eliminating lace bite

*Rolled topline for flex comfort

*Soft collar is less irritating for Achilles tendons

*Antibacterial lining made of perforated microfiber allows for better air flow, eliminating odors

Sizes 3,3.5,9,9.5 and 10 plus widths AA,A and D all have a 2 week delivery. Beige boots require 4 weeks.