Newly redesigned with Split Width!

NEW Jackson Premiere DJ2800/DJ2801
NEW Jackson Premiere DJ2800/DJ2801
Item# DJ2800
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Product Description

Models: Misses DJ2801, Ladies DJ2800

The Jackson Premiere DJ2800has been improved! Offering a big more support than the Competitor and some new features, including a microfiber tongue, leather/cork heel layering for a lighter and stronger structure, and memory foam ankle padding. The best part is the new SPLIT WIDTH design; wide toe box but a slightly narrower heel to better grip the achilles tendon and prevent heel slipping. A nice option for a skater who needs to choose her own blade addition, and the skater actively stepping into double jumps.

* Rolled over topline for improved comfort and reduced leg irritation

* Contour backstrap for improved ankle fit

* Fully padded microfiber lining breathes, but doesn't absorb moisture

* Flex notch for added flexibility

* Support stitching added to aid support in flex area

* Foam padding is shaped asymmetrically to fit ankles better and offer lasting comfort

* NEW! Multiple piece contour tongue with memory foam padding, covered with microfiber for improved comfort

* Solid brass hooks won’t break or bend

* PTR insole is strong, torque resistant, lightweight, won't absorb moisture

* NEW! LCL Sole. Layered Cork Leather light weight outsole offers reduced weight while keeping strength and support

* Anatomically designed footbed to ensure proper foot alignment and comfort