Risport's Latest Design for the Mid-Level skater!

Risport Royal Pro
Risport Royal Pro
Item# RRoyPro

Product Description

Risport Royal Pro
Risport has taken the proven design of the Royal and incorporated the features into a comfortable, high performance,lightweight, mid-level boot.

Reinforcements have been lab tested to ensure consistent performance with any degree of boot flexion. Small holes on the leather tongue front and a highly breathable lining ensure a continuous air flow through your boots. A softer fastening area near the eyelets wraps your foot more comfortably. A special angled sole allows skaters to achieve sharper angles of inclination. Pre-shaped uppers and padding wrap the ankle comfortably and guarantee the necessary strength to the whole foot.

Microfiber upper, 3D fabric lining, single layer leather with ultra light insert sole, padded all around cuff profile.

The rear profile is padded for better flexibility of the leg and to ensure greater comfort.

Traditional Royal stitch swirl design and a touch of sparkle bring an added sense of style to the Royal Pro's lightweight construction and comfortable fit.Great Axel Boot!

Double Jumps. Stiffness: 55 White 210-275 Black 230-305