Sharpening and Services

Sharpening and Services
Our many locations can provide you with the services you need to reach your skating goals. Please note: Sharpening cannot be done at our e-commerce location so,if you order a sharpening for your web purchase,skates will be sent to our Boston location and it will delay delivery by several days.It is priced at a higher rate to include the additional shipping to Boston. Make an appointment at any of our locations for these and many more services:
    Figure Skate Sharpening-- Hockey Skate Sharpening--Recreational Sharpening--Blade Mounting and adjustment -- foot bed adjustments-- punch outs of ankle bone area and toe box--heat molding--wax or varnish waterproofing-- Boot taping for standard or synchro boots--boot polishing and reconditioning-- custom boot fitting and design

      *Mounting, Sharpening, Adjustment, Punch Out, & Heat Molding available at a reduced rate with all in-store boot & blade purchases!
        *All Sharpenings include a check of your screws and the placement of your blades, as well as a general overview of boot wear including the soles.

          Boston: Advanced Figure - 17$ Hockey/beginner figure - $11
            New Haven: Advanced figure - 22$ Hockey/beginner figure -$11