Unbelievable Warmth and Comfort for the Beginner or Recreational Skater! PLEASE NOTE: sizes 1,2, and 3 IN ALL LINING COLORS WILL BE OUT OF STOCK UNTIL 5/17.Sizes 8-10 tot are available in all colors,sizes 11-13 are available in all colors but blue and all adult sizes 4-10 are available in all colors.

Soft Skate
Soft Skate
Item# GS-180
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Product Description

Models: Tots GS184, Misses GS181, Ladies GS180

NOTE: (+7) in the size means that the price of that size is $7 more than the base price.

This is the perfect skate for the learn-to-skater who wants support and the traditional look of a figure skate with enough interior padding to provide warmth and comfort. Designed with an ultra-wide toe box for painless break in, and cozy lining, the Soft Skate is perfect for outdoor recreational skating, and beginning lessons.

Now available in Blue, Pink, Purple or Fleece lining Vinyl outer Fully lined upper and tongue with cushy foam padding Nylex lining for warmth, comfort and durability Charcoal PVC outsole for easy care Nickel all purpose blade Made on a Jackson leisure last

This skate recommended for the following test levels: USFSA Snowplow Sam 1-3, Basic 1-4 ISI Tot 1-4, Pre-Alpha, Alpha,Beta