Eclipse Pinnacle Blade

  • $420.00

Reach the peak of performance with the Eclipse Pinnacle!

 Eclipse Pinnacle Figure Skate Blade is designed for the most demanding competitive freestyle skater. The Pinnacle offers an 8ft blade radius for maximum speed and solid sole plates for added strength and stability to tackle rigorous routines. A side-honed runner and chrome free rakes bite into the ice, while its increased stanchion height allows for better skate clearance. You'll stand proudly atop the podium in the Eclipse Pinnacle. This blade is similar to the Wilson Gold Seal.

• 8 foot Rocker
• Suggested R.O.H: 5/8"
• Straight Cut Toe Pick
• Style: Side Honed
• Sizes Available: 8 - 12"
• Supports Double, Triple and Quad Jumps
• Also available in Titanium