Risport Ladies Dance BTRS-DANB Beige

Risport Ladies Dance BTRS-DANB Beige

  • $599.00

Outstanding for Ice Dance and Synchronized Skating!

"Beige Dance boots are always a special order"

The Risport Dance boot is designed for ice dancing and synchronized skating. The Dance is built with increased flexibility while still providing stability and extreme comfort. Low cut aids toe point and better flexibility.

  • Water Repellent Italian Leather Upper low rear profile and padded for improved flexing of the leg and greater comfort; the elasticity gives the leg immediate spring-back.
  • Microfiber Lorica Lining
  • Padded Thermoformed Tongue with Stitching
  • Anatomical and Asymmetrical Thermo-formable Padding
  • Double Layer Leather Sole
  • Stiffness Rating 65
  • Available in Beige or White sizes 230-290 Blacksizes 230-305
  • C Width only.
  • Support Level: 65.