Eclipse Pinnacle Titanium Lightweight Blade

  • $599.00

Reach the peak of performance with the New Ultra Light Titanium Eclipse Pinnacle !

Reach the peak of performance with the Eclipse Pinnacle Titanium. This super lightweight blade designed for the most demanding competitive freestyle skater. Less weight with less resistance means you'll cover the ice faster and jump higher than ever before. 8ft blade radius provides maximum speed and titanium sole plates are super light- weight, but have the strength to tackle rigorous routines. A side-honed Swedish stainless steel runner and increased stanchion height allows for better skate clearance. You'll stand proudly atop the podium in the Eclipse Pinnacle Titanium. The best thing about this lightweight blade is that you don't need a special jig to get it sharpened. It can be sharpened by a qualified technician at any rink

• 8 foot Rocker
• Suggested R.O.H: 5/8"
• Straight Cut Toe Pick
• Style: Side Honed
• Sizes Available: 8 - 12"
• Same profile as the Wilson Gold Seal