Jackson XP1000OR Softec  Vibe Orange

Jackson XP1000OR Softec Vibe Orange

  • $59.95

NEW! Jackson Softec Vibe XP1000OR ( Black/Orange) ADJUSTABLE Warm, Comfortable Padding with Jackson Quality Designed for Growing Feet

Not the typical adjustable, Jackson brings quality construction, warmth and comfort to the basic recreational skater. Not recommended for Learn-To-Skate programs, but a great alternative for pond and seasonal recreational skating.

  • Sizing can be adjusted to accommodate growing feet
  • Soft boot with external skeletal structure provides comfort and support
  • Available in Black/purple, Black/orange, and Black/lime with Leisure style recreational hockey blade attached
  • Available in Pink/white with Figure style recreational blade attached
  • Sizing:XS= Sizes 8-10; S=Sizes 11J-2; M=sizes 2-6; and L= sizes 6-9.
  • Support Level: 10