MK Dance Parabolic

MK Dance Parabolic

  • $600.00

MK Dance is the most successful competition blade, now even better with the crisp edges of a parabolic design!

When it comes to dance blades, look no further than the podiums to make an educated decision. At Sochi 2014, every Ice Dance medalist used the MK Dance for its slimline design which allows the dancer to move from one edge to the other much quicker. Essentially, the unique configuration of this blade allows skaters the advantage of employing less body lean to change their edges. It is because of this that the Dance is also worn by the world’s elite synchronized skating teams. This is the choice of champions.

The unique curvature and mid-section tapering of a Parabolic blade is designed to create less drag as you move across the ice. This means smoother, sharper and more energetic spins, turns and edge work no matter what level you're skating at. And, as your weight is centered due to precision geometry, you have increased levels of control and confidence to unlock your true potential. Finally, as they can be sharpened in fewer passes (with no special technique needed) they outlast conventional blades too.

  • Usage: Dance
  • Blade Style: Parabolic
  • Rocker: 7ft
  • Toe Rake: Straight
  • Sizes: 8" - 12"
  • Also available in Standard