MK Professional Parabolic MKPROP

  • $280.00

The MK professional provides balance, performance and style now with the crisp edges of a parabolic design.

Acclaimed for its balance, performance and style this parallel profiled blade is the first choice world-wide of coaches and experienced freestyle skaters. The professional is a favorite of adult skaters and is an excellent blade for axels and beginning double jumps. The parabolic design centers your weight to increase stability and precision for quicker edging and easier jumps. Exceptional quality and superior edging ability and balance, truly make the MK professional Parabolic perfect for mid-level competitive skaters.

• 7 foot Rocker
• Radius of Hollow: 7/16"
• Sizes Available 7 - 12"
• Also available in Standard #MKPRO and Revolution #MKPROR