Wilson Coronation Ace Parabolic

  • $325.00

Coronation Ace Parabolic: Smoother, sharper spins, turns and edge work. 

No other blade on the market can match the legendary performance and value of this fantastic blade. A skater moving up in skill will appreciate the responsiveness of the 7ft rocker profile and, due to its coarse cross-cut tooth configuration, this option is highly
recommended by international coaches for its reliability when learning new components. It is precision hardened to offer a strong skating edge and was used by many Olympic, World and National Champions early in their careers. If you are leaving a boot/blade combination set and plan on developing your axel and double jumps, this is our recommended option.

The unique curvature of a Parabolic blade enables it to bite deeper into the ice. This means smoother, sharper and more energetic spins, turns and edge work no matter what level you’re skating at. And, as your weight is centered due to precision geometry, you have increased levels of control and confidence to maximize your true potential.


  • Primary Rocker: 7ft
  • Secondary Rocker: Subtle
  • Toe Pick: Cross Cut
  • Stanchion Height: Standard
  • Blade Feature: Parabolic
  • Skill Level: Single and Double Jumps
  • Sizes: 7" - 12"
  • Also available in Standard