Edea Men's Piano EPI-BK

  • $995.00

Stay SHARP! It's time to Play the Edea Piano for the ultimate in a top level competitive boot

EDEA Piano is a revolutionary design for High Performance Ice Skating and is incredibly comfortable, "just like a great athletic tennis shoe". The Piano is the latest step in skating technology, minimizing the impacts and maximizing your safety. It gives more stability, allows for great power transfer, and quicker movements.The Anatomically Shaped Memory Foam Padding and Formed fit of the boot is shaped by the Thermoformable Structure and provides the best in foot contact and control while giving the movement range to allow Great Performances. The Footbed is torsionally rigid but with just a bit of vertical compression, that creates a lower center of gravity in the Skate, creating a lower displacement which greatly increases stability and control. The new design with its 7 openings (7 notes) and extra stitching both add additional support. The power generated by the skater is transmitted better to the blade, making the skate react quicker to each push. This gives you improved thrust and more control when skating....Come on... let's PLAY!

  • Support Level: 95.