Risport Men's RF3 Pro Black

  • $499.99

Advancing in Leaps and Bounds!

The RF3Pro Black is designed for athletes and skaters who want to reach advanced levels of skating. The RF3 Pro is perfect for all singles, axels and beginning double jumps. Back padding for added comfort. Reinforcements have been lab tested to ensure consistent performance with any degree of boot flexion. Combines the comfort of the previous RF3 with the support of the discontinued RF2.

  • Waterproofed Italian Leather Upper
  • Comfortable and Durable Microfiber Lining
  • Angled Sole allows skaters to acheive sharper angles of inclination.
  • Preformed Padded Tongue venitlated contoured profiles for easier bending.
  • Heat Moldable
  • Ultra Padded Cuff Profile
  • Single Layer Leather Sole
  • Blade Sold Separately
  • Support Rating 60