Edea Ladies' Ice Fly EIF01

  • $885.00

Edea started the light weight boot revolution with it's patented technology! 25% lighter than standard boots!

EDEA ICE FLY is designed for High Performance Ice Skating and Inline Figure Roller Skating and is incredibly comfortable, "just like a great athletic tennis shoe". The Anatomically Shaped Memory Foam Padding and Formed fit of the boot is shaped by the Thermoformable Structure and provides the best in foot contact and control while giving the movement range to allow Great Performances. The Footbed is torsionally rigid but with just a bit of vertical compression, that creates a lower center of gravity in the Skate, creating a lower displacement which greatly increases stability and control. The Footbed and bottom cover will not absorb moisture and WILL Securely hold the special EDEA screws.


  • The MicroPerforated, MicroFibre, AirTech Lining is Anti-Allergic, Anti-Bacterial, and Dries Very Fast.
  • The Anatomically Shaped full Memory Foam Padding with extra tough construction
  • Thermoformable Structure
  • Rounded Heel base Shape which more evenly distributes the weight and adds torsional stability
  • Shaped Extra Padded Tongue, the multiple Tongue Tabs which controls the position of the tongue and keep the Tongue up in the Toe area, keeping it from sliding down
  • Sewn in strong forged long Hooks
  • White; Sizes: 210 through 280 in 5mm Increments. • Training Level: Double, Triple, and Quad Jumps 
  • Ultra-easy and fast break in period… hours not days!
  • Also available in black EIFBK Edea ice Fly
  • Support Level: 90.