Aura Sky Boots 100

  • $599.99


Aura boots now available in stock sizing in two stiffness levels
Formed with continuous layers of carbon fiber and meticulously handmade with lightweight materials, AURA’s unibody shell unlocks unparalleled responsiveness and impact reduction for greater control, more centered spins, and safer, more composed jump landings.

  • Aura skates are designed for a spectrum of high-performance skaters in different stiffness profiles based on body composition, skating level, and wear progression. No detail has been overlooked in providing you with a unique skating experience unlike any other.
  • Crafted from aerospace-grade carbon fiber and thermoplastic polymers, SKY's ultra-lightweight unibody shell supports superior impact absorption, exceptional responsiveness, and a perfect fit.
  • The first and only of its kind, SKY's articulating collar system provides elevated mobility without compromising stability.
  • A milled foam heel mitigates impact, vibration, and sound for triple protection.
  • SKY's tri-hook, quick-change design provides even force distribution. Complete with an integrated tongue tab, SKY mitigates the risk of tongue slippage and engages the tongue as a unified part of the boot.
  • Designed to work with common lacing systems, SKY's lace tabs keep the skate's tongue secure, while the tabs' internal design helps prevent lace bite.
  • Available in white and black