Thinees Skating Socks THIN-1

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The Thinnest most comfortable skating socks Ever

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Go thinner, not thicker. You shouldn’t be able to fit a thick sock comfortably into your figure skate. If you can, chances are your skates aren’t properly sized. Additionally, a thinner sock will give you more feel in your skates. It’s no secret that the ability to accurately feel your edges on the ice is an absolute must for any figure skater, especially competitive ones.

The right socks are an important piece of equipment for skating that sometimes get overlooked. While most people will focus on their skates (and rightfully so), the wrong fit of socks can completely ruin your skating experience and, in the case of wearing no socks at all, completely ruin your skates.

While fit and comfort both apply to figure skates and hockey skates, in that, feeling good in your skates is always what’s going to matter most. 

While fit is important in hockey skates, fit is absolutely paramount for figure skates. If you’re able to fit thick socks into your figure skates, chances are your skates aren’t properly sized.

Here are some key points to keep in mind when choosing the right skating sock for figure skates:

A thinner sock will give more feel. And that’s a good thing :)

No bunching.

You need socks that won’t bunch up around your feet or around your ankles. This is a key for better comfort, but also for better control and performance. So find a sock that fits your foot and ankle snug.

Go seamless.

The less seams, the better. Similar to a sock that doesn’t bunch, seamless socks allow you to have a better feel in your skates. Better feel equals better performance.

ONE MORE THING.... Thinees are made from 97% Polyamide, 3% Cotton which not only makes them softer but also means less chemicals leaching into the water during washing.