Riedell Sparkle Junior

  • $109.00

New twist on a perennial favorite


The Riedell Sparkle is an excellent skate choice for begginers or recreational skaters looking for quality skates to have fun with that won't break the bank!

The Riedell Sparkle is perfect for the recreational or beginning skater, with the comfort and performance you need to make memories on the ice. From the moment you first slip them on, the soft, padded lining, stabilizing split tongue design, and reinforced lace hooks all work in unison to keep your feet comfortable and secure. No detail on the Sparkle was overlooked, with sparkling glitter accents adding a stylish look to the durable, 100% vegan uppers that protect your feet from the ice and cold, and no maintenance PVC soles and stainless steel blades providing a hassle-free experience from the start to the end of your skating season. Featuring a chic look and proper support where you want it, let the Sparkle be your guide to all the ice has to offer!

  • Sparkle Features:​
    • Sparkling glitter accents
    • Durable, 100% vegan uppers
    • Soft padded linings
    • No maintenance PVC soles
    • Stabilizing split tongue design
    • Reinforced metal lacing hooks
    • Available in Snow (white) withglitter accents

    Blade Information:

    • Spiral Blade
      • Stainless Steel
      • Beginner Rakes