Riedell 4200 Women's Dance Boots

  • $879.00

Riedell 4200 Dance: Flexible Support for Comfortable Maneuverability

The Riedell Dance boot meets the performance demands of highest level ice dancing while providing a superior fit and comfort! 

Dance-cut backstay collar encourages full forward and backward flex for deep edges, demanding footwork and toe pointing. The special boot profile allows the ankle joint a superior range of motion while keeping the foot secure in its heel pocket. The cushioned backstay collar supports the Achilles tendon area to guarantee ankle comfort during intricate footwork and toe pointing.

The higher dance heel and tapered midsole position the foot forward for deeper knee bend and better maneuvering and balance. The leather/cork heel and leather outsole provide weight reduction, optimal support and impact absorption.

Inside the Dance boot the triple-layer reinforcements provide support that can be heat molded for the perfect fit. Firm yet flexible support is balanced with the comfort of EVA memory foam ankle padding covered in a breathable perforated moisture resistant microfiber lining.

The Dance boot is used among the most skilled ice dancers in the world such as Guillaume Cizeron, but it also suits for advanced junior dancers. So it has it all with which you can keep reaching your most ambitious ice dance dreams!

NOTE: Blade not included.

  • 4200 Dance Features:​
    • Leather uppers for advanced moldability and fit
    • Cushioned dance-cut backstay collar for superior range of ankle motion and comfort
    • Higher lightweight cork heel for deeper knee bend 
    • Tapered midsole for better maneuverability and balance
    • 4 layer heat moldable reinforcements
    • EVA memory foam ankle padding for bone area comfort
    • Moisture-wicking microfiber Strata lining
    • Secure lacing hooks for an extra tight feel
    • Anti-rotational lace bar for holding the tongue in place
    • Flex notch for a deep knee bend

  • Support Level: 90