Edea E-Spinner

Edea E-Spinner

  • $54.00

The fun way to learn balance and center Spins

E-spinner adds a new dimension to training as skaters, both roller and ice, can now also practice take offs thanks to its special design and the integrated elastic bands. The E-spinner is aimed at the serious skater who needs to practice both spins and jumps. As you use it, you will also improve posture, balance and agility while strengthening their body at the same time. It’s made from nylon and it can simulate the movements and sensations of the athlete on ice. Two integrated bands allow take-off practice and prevent slipping. We advise using the Yellow (Soft) for single jumps and Red (Hard) for double or triple. Use without jump bands to practice spins.

The EDEA E-Spinner is a tool that scientifically simulates Skating Positions and Actions. It is Easy to Use and Lightweight so you can carry it with you everywhere.

The EDEA E-Spinner Helps to develop and train good Skating posture, balance, orientation, and control. The EDEA E-Spinner helps with the training and control of pressure points, balance, and edges in the Skaters Foot, the Skaters Employed Leg and the entire Skaters Body. Available in different Island Patterns.


  1. The rotation point has been moved forward for a more realistic feeling spin
      Disegni_espinner1-438x64 Edea E-Spinner
  2. Higher rocker for improved spinning and better balance
    Disegni_espinner2-438x91 Edea E-Spinner 
  3. The new design reduces friction to increases the speed of spin
  4. Higher curve profile to feel deep edges
    Disegni_espinner3-438x94 Edea E-Spinner 
  5. Wider platform for ease of use
    Disegni_espinner4-438x133 Edea E-Spinner  

It is ideal also for roller skaters as it closely simulates the feel of the edges, especially for those skaters who are seeking to specialize in Roll Art, as well as practicing spins.