Edea Classica Roller Boot

  • $465.00

When Roller Dancers go SOLO!

The Classica boot has been designed for high end performance dance and solo dance roller skating. EDEA has used all their experience and know-how to produce a boot that combines modern technology with the traditional look. The soft support construction means it is often the choice for dancers require the extra flexibility and maneuverability.

Figure Dance FreeStyle
Derby Raiting Recreational Jam
Rhythm Quad Hockey Quad

Ultra Soft Construction, Extra Padding, 30, for Roller Dance and General Roller Use
Sizes: 225 through 280 (Ivory), 225 through 310 (Black) in 5mm increments. Full and Half Sizes
Colors: Ivory and Black

Type of Skating: Beginning Level to Senior Level Roller Dancing
Training Level: Beginning Level through Senior Level Roller Dancers and those that want the Most Comfortable Boot possible.
Training Hours:
1 to 25 Plus Hours per week 
Comfort Level:
EDEA’s MOST Comfortable Skate