Graf Richmond Special Figure Skate Boots

Graf Richmond Special Figure Skate Boots

  • $708.00


Classic style-perfect for Axels and Double jumps

 Medium stiff skate made  extra light

  • CP93 synthetic leather for figure
    skating Comfortable padding that
    adapts optimally to the foot. Improved
    Fitting-System and «Ortho-Form
    Compound» Technology Padding
    and Inner Lining
  • “Step In and Skate" Comfort
  • "CP93” Extra-Light Synthetic Upper Material

  • Upper Design New Fitting-System with Flex Notch Upturned Collar Lining for Extra Comfort

  • “Ortho-Form Compound"Technology Padding and Lining

  • Five-Piece Contoured Flex Tongue

  • Heat Moldable

  • white or black