Guardog ZIGZAGZ Blade Protectors (sold individually)

  • $14.95


ZigzagZ (Single ONLY) ZIG

In this vast universe there is only one you. So everywhere you deserve to express yourself. With Guardog's™ exclusive new ZIGZAGZ™, you can choose your skate guards to uniquely reflect who you are. Remember, there are many crazy turns in this world, but you get just one - so go freestyle!

Wide enough to fit Matrix blades. Available in many colors. Deluxe two-piece guard. Trim to fit any skate blade.

**Sold Individually, YOU MUST ORDER 2 to receive a PAIR.**

Always use guards when off the ice to protect your blades . Walking without guards can dull edges quickly. Hard Guards are not meant for blade storage as moisture can damage or rust your blades. Remove hard guards, wipe blades dry and store in soft blade protectors called SOAKERS.