MK Phantom Revolution

MK Phantom Revolution

  • $769.95

Phantom Revolution... designed for the Explosive jumper!

The performance advantages of the MK Phantom cannot be overstated for the advanced freestyle skater. A legendary option, the Phantom is side honed, tapered and specifically designed for triple and quadruple jumps. Taking information from world-class skaters, the MK engineers were advised to build this blade with a smaller 7ft radius section to allow for deeper edges and easier turns. Designed for the explosive jumper, the cross hatched teeth enable jumpers to secure the ice deeply and an enlarged top toe pick is sure to aid in toe spotting.

Revolution is the pinnacle in blade technology combining the traditional merits of a steel blade alongside the benefits of weight reduction and flexibility through the use of carbon fiber. The results are unparalleled. The fusion of old and new technology allows skaters to move across the ice at increased speeds, make higher jumps, and cushion-land them, with greater control to reduce the risk of injury. 

  • Usage: Freestyle
  • Blade Style: Taper
  • Rocker: 7ft
  • Toe Rake: Cross
  • Skill Level: Triples and Quads
  • Sizes: 8" - 11"
  • Also Available in Phantom