Riedell 25Blk Motion Black

  • $375.00

Riedell Model 25 Motion: Superior Movement and Strength for Picture-Perfect Jumps and Spins!

The newly redesigned 25Blk Motion in Black moves with style. Now 7 percent lighter while maintaining support needed for single and double jumps. Double reinforced TriFusion ankle support, traditional hand-rolled collar and flex notch eyelet. Leather sole and durable leather uppers provide strength. Soft Dri-Lex; lining for easy care comfort with great fit. Higher toe box and forefoot relief area.

  • Double Leather Upper
  • Quilted Tongue
  • Soft Dri-lex lining keeps the moisture out
  • Forefoot Flex
  • Black; also available in white (25motion)
  • Eclipse Astra Blade also available with Eclipse Cosmos blade
  • Boy's half and full sizes 13-3.5
  • Available in Narrow,( non-stock) Medium (stock)or Wide(non-stock) widths
  • Also available in boot only (25BlkNB)
  • Support Level: 65