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Suddenly Fall is PINK!

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Suddenly Fall is PINK!

.SKATING! Good heavens, do her skates fit? That’s when you realize that the skate bag residing in the front hall closet hasn’t been opened since the last ice show. Lysol can and fabric softener sheets in hand, the bag is retrieved and cautiously unzipped.

            “Spray first, ask questions later!” has always been my motto.

Through the Lysol cloud, you quickly pull out any laundry that attempts to walk out on its own and add some scented fabric softener sheets to reduce any unpleasant odor. You see soakers on the blades, not plastic guards, and smile with relief that the rust monster must not be battled this year. If they fit, that is. Desperate to remember the last time your skater got larger shoes, the insoles are carefully removed from the skates to check the placement of toe indentations and you realize she had a growth spurt in July.

Pre-Season Skating Checklist:

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